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Episode 7

Transforming Pain to Victory: LaQuita Parks' Inspiring Journey

After enduring 49 years of medical childhood trauma at the hands of a nurse, determined LaQuita Parks takes her story from a thought to a realization by creating 'Pay Per V' Publishing, in a courageous battle to overcome pain and progress towards victory.

In this episode, you will be able to:

1. Embrace hardships to fuel Pay Per V Publishing's powerful mission.

2. Craft a compelling personal narrative to bolster your business brand.

3. Give voice to military veterans by narrating their life-changing experiences.

4. Unleash your author potential with a step-by-step 60-day challenge program.

5. Fortify community bonds by weaving stories and forming partnerships.

My special guest is LaQuita Parks

LaQuita Parks, a resilient entrepreneur and founder of Pay Pro V Publishing, has dedicated her life to helping others bring their stories to fruition. Despite dealing with medical trauma since childhood, LaQuita has turned her pain into progress and victory, which has inspired the core values of her business.

With an impressive track record of working with over 100 authors, she has the experience and passion to help entrepreneurs harness their personal stories for powerful brand connections. LaQuita's empathetic approach and belief in the power of shared stories make her an exceptional guest for LaQuita's Toolbox.

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The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:05 - Introduction,

00:01:33 - Importance of Networking and Collaboration,

00:05:07 - Pay Per V Publishing,

00:06:45 - Medical Childhood Trauma,

00:09:11 - Pay Per V Publishing Name,

00:14:49 - Overcoming Blahness,

00:19:08 - The Hush,

00:21:51 - Keep Dancing,

00:23:24 - Pain Progress Victory,

00:25:59 - Hidden Pain,

00:30:06 - Relationship with Father,

00:30:38 - Passion for Publishing,

00:35:30 - Veterans Community Project,

00:38:23 - Unknown Battlefields Book,

00:32:28 - Relationship with Military,

00:45:38 - Introduction to Pay Per View Publishing,

00:47:33 - The Power of Telling Your Story,

00:48:27 - Share Your Story for Personal and Business Growth,

00:49:12 - Conclusion and Call to Action

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