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Episode 19

Surrendering to God's Will: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Make a Difference - Erica Latrice

Surrendering to God's Will: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Make a Difference

In the chaos of everyday life, Erica Latrice's search for a business name took an unexpected turn. A divine whisper led her towards a name, not for her friend's business, but for her own. With a powerful pull towards Amplify Her, Erica embarked on a journey that would change her life. But little did she know, this unexpected twist was just the beginning of a remarkable story...

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the transforming power of self-love and personal growth.
  • Understand the pivotal role of positive thinking in altering your life perspective.
  • Learn the art of embracing change and liberating yourself from past limitations.
  • Uncover the significance of prioritizing self-care and cultivating self-awareness.
  • Reveal the profound impact of aligning your footsteps with God's plan.

My special guest is Erica Latrice

Meet Ericaa Latrice - your catalyst for transformation and the founder of the successful international women's platform 'Amplify her.' Her mission is to help women convert their personal messages into remarkable movements, thereby empowering them to step out and make a mark in their lives. Ericaa's life story revolves around restoration and her strong conviction in the divine timing of God. She's also a newly-wed and mother who balances her personal life beautifully with her professional endeavors. The essence of her work and life centers around her spiritual beliefs and her remarkable ability to manifest them into reality.

Discover the Transforming Power:

LaQuita Monley and Erica Latrice delve into the transformative power of aligning ourselves with God's plan in this podcast episode. They highlight instances from their personal experiences, showing how surrendering to God's guidance led to rapid growth, steps that they had anticipated taking years materialized in a much shorter time. This key value underlines that releasing control and trusting divine guidance can lead to tremendous personal and professional transformations.

Understand the Pivotal Role:

Understanding the pivotal role of faith forms another key value in this podcast episode. Faith, as LaQuita Monley and Erica Latrice explain, anchors us in times of adversity and guides us towards the right path. They suggest that maintaining an unwavering faith propels us further in our journey towards success, and this commitment also invites reciprocal unwavering commitment from God.

Learn the Art of Embracing Change:

LaQuita Monley and Erica Latrice emphasize on the importance of embracing change, be it personal, professional, or spiritual. This key value is presented with practical considerations, discussing how an adjusted attitude towards change can help in overcoming obstacles and turning obstacles into stepping stones. Sharing their personal experiences, they encourage the audience to view change not as a threat but as a pathway to new opportunities and personal growth.

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