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Episode 5

Growing Your Business With Faith: Tisha Hammond’s Daily Devotional

Tisha Hammond, the small business cheerleader, discovers the key to success lies in unlocking her full potential to realize her boldest dreams, but will her faith be strong enough to navigate the conflicting demands of business and faith?

"Good is only good until greater is envisioned. You know, there's enough level in you. Here we discuss the tools to get you there."

Tisha Hammond is a passionate Child of God, prayer warrior, and full-time entrepreneur leader. She is the director of Ascent Small Business Promotion LLC and author of the Daily Devotional for Entrepreneurs, Your Season to Grow.

Tisha Hammond was inspired to write her book, Daily Devotional for Entrepreneurs: Your Season to Grow, when she was called to put God at the head of her business. She realized the importance of intentionally absorbing content to add value to her life and the lives of others. Through this, she discovered that God's spiritual storehouse is not only available to her, but is filled with spiritual gifts, health, wellness, and a life abundant. Her book includes Biblical principles that help readers take ownership of their businesses and shift their mindset. With her book, Hammond encourages readers to evaluate their identity to ensure that their faith is at the core of their business.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How to make sure the content you consume is adding value to your life.

2. How to make sure the Lord is at the center of your business and life.

3. How to unlock your full potential to realize your boldest dreams.





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Chapter Summaries:


Welcome to La'Quita's Toolbox, where we deliver relevant content that empower entrepreneurs to elevate personally and professionally. Lean in as LaQuita and her guests present you with strategies and insight for unlocking your full potential.


In this series, we're going to be having conversations with some of my favorite independent authors. These ladies and gentlemen have written some great works that you will be able to find in eBooks, print, hard copy paperback, as well as on audio-books. We have to ensure that the things we absorb are adding value to our lives.


La'Quita's Toolbox is proud to thank our sponsors at Covenant Press. Covenant Press is a faith based Christian apparel and accessory shop. Mrs. Tisha Hammond introduces herself and shares some love with the Toolbox audience.


Mrs. Tisha: How are you? I am blessed and highly favored. I feel like I should have worn my Covenant Press T shirt. I love your sponsor. Thank you for having me back.


Today we're going to talk about the Daily Devotional for Entrepreneurs, your Season to Grow. If you don't already have it in your library, you need to get it. And if you have some great friends, go ahead and get a copy for them as entrepreneurs.


Mrs. Tisha: I am a child of the most high God. I go to work every day for the Lord. I learned the whole concept of putting first my name in all the positions on my company's org chart. Once I did that, my business took off in a totally different trajectory.

[00:10:19]Tisha Hammond's new book is a daily Devotional for entrepreneurs. Hammond says her mind flourishes with creativity when she's near the water. She asks God in prayer, "I want my first book to be about you"


You mentioned something that I have every once in a while. I am trying to take the word want out of my vocabulary and replace it with desire. My desire is to be a world renowned speaker. That was so many great nuggets just right there in that small, little brief time.


Daily Devotional For Entrepreneurs gives you prompts to grow your business through a spiritual lens. Each daily devotional may take you two minutes to read. What topics would you like to hear from me in 2023 and beyond?


Redefining Success: If the seed is god's spiritual storehouse belongs to me too. Everything given to Christ is yours too. Take ownership of that. Where you are in your business. This is personal and spiritual development.


Daily Devotional for Entrepreneurs your Season to Grow is Tisha Hammond's new book. Hammond credits author Dennis Kimbro with helping her grow as a writer. Hammond says success to wealth leaves footprints. She doesn't keep secrets that can benefit other entrepreneurs.


I believe in divine assignments. The people that the Lord brings into our lives are for a purpose. That's how you know when you're divinely connected to someone. And that divine connection has caused us to continue to grow and learn from one another.


Daily devotional for entrepreneurs. Your season to grow by Mrs. Tisha Hammond. She talks about her mentor, her great friend, Dr. Dennis Kimbro. It speaks to his willingness to support someone else along the way. Success leaves footprints.


For as little as $5 a month, you can support the La'Quita's Toolbox podcast. You will find in the Show Notes a link for my Buy Me A Coffee page. Join our community and we look forward to hearing from you.


Daily Devotional for Entrepreneurs your Season by Mrs. Tisha Hammond. The seed from Wednesday says, I want something better than success. It all goes back to Christ, the book. I hope that it draws you to him.


Check the show notes. You will find Mrs. Tisha's contact information and a link to purchase the book. Because I do want you guys to leave me a rating and a review. Until next time, I'm your host, LaQuita Monley.

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