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Episode 4

"Uncovering Success: Dr. Cassandra Bradford's Keys to Unlocking Minority Business Certifications"

"Be the Number 1 in Business with Genesis Preferred Solutions - Get Certified, Get Registered, and Get Hunting!"

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Dr. Cassandra Bradford is a business consultant and nationwide certification agency owner specializing in minority owned, woman owned, and veteran owned business certifications.

Dr Cassandra Bradford quickly learned that being a minority owned business comes with many advantages, such as contracts with the government and Fortune 500 companies. She soon realized that it was important to have the right certifications and to be registered with the right organizations. Additionally, she learned that attending pre-bid meetings was important in order to stay informed and even to help other like-minded business owners. Dr Cassandra Bradford was determined to make the most of every opportunity she could find.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How can you use minority and woman owned business certifications to do business with the government?

2. What are the benefits of being a veteran owned business?

3. How can you use a capability statement to get low-hanging fruit contracts?






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Dr. Cassandra Bradford is a business consultant specializing in minority owned, woman owned, and veteran owned business certifications. The process can be overwhelming, but we want to make sure that we get those certifications,she says. This week marks Texas Black Business Week.


A lot of minority owned businesses think that just because they show up as minorities, it qualifies them to apply. Being certified minority owned means that that minority or that woman business owner must own at least 51% of the business. The program was put into place so that minorities could get their fair share of opportunities.


Dr. Cassandra: It pays to be a veteran owned business. That veteran must own at least

51% of the business. Texas, California, and Florida will acknowledge your certification on certain certifications. Veterans get contract matching six times a year.


In every state, they have a disadvantaged business certification. Means you can bid over the entire state of Texas or your entire state. Another certification is your historically underutilized business certification, which is your hub. Only two states that have a hub certification.


Northern American Industry classification system. NAICS codes are just what your company does, and it assigns it a number. Hub certification, I'm telling you, those contracts are easy to get. Small business certification every state for folks in construction or construction services. The qualifications to win a contract is really high if you're first starting out.


The whole point behind the La'Quita's Toolbox podcast is this. I endeavor to bring you guys information, tools, if you will, that can help you grow both personally and professionally. Dr. Cassandra has laid out, I don't know, I stopped counting about 20 tools.


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Once you get certified, the next step in the process really is to get registered with every city, county, state, school, district, college, university, and Fortune 500 company. Anything under $25,000 does not have to be bidded out. There are opportunities out there that you don't have to bid on.


When you're bidding on contract, you have to go to the pre-bid meeting. And normally, women are not hunters. So you got to go in there and hunt for these type of opportunities. Sometimes I bid on just to lose.


If I lose a contract, I'm going to ask for a debriefing. I'm also going to prepare my proposal just like yours. You better watch out. I'll be just writing proposals in other states, in other cities for the same thing.


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Dr. Cassandra is offering a nine week power mentoring program for small business owners. The program will help you come up with a strategic plan, sales plan, and marketing plan. The month of July is all about lake. Can you imagine twelve to 15 people marketing LaQuita in July?


Cassandra: I'll be out in Killeen in March. We're going to be having a think tank. Black women are at a historical high of creating businesses. We need to let government know that we are a viable asset to the US. Economy. Women's History Month is rolling up fast behind it.


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