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Episode 14

Learn from Dr. Cassandra Bradford: Mastering Education for Business Triumphs

Learn from Dr. Cassandra Bradford: Mastering Education for Business Triumphs

From corporate powerhouse to entrepreneurial success story, Dr. Cassandra Bradford's journey had it all - dedication, hard work, and unexpected twists that left her questioning everything. But what was the shocking turn that propelled her business to new heights? Keep reading to find out.

Ask God to reignite you with the vision.

My special guest is Dr. Cassandra Bradford

Say hello to Dr. Cassandra Bradford, a remarkable entrepreneur and expert in business growth and success. With more than a decade of experience, she's the brains behind the Run Conference, a fantastic event that features inspiring speakers and valuable insights for small business owners. Dr. Cassandra believes that a strong mindset, continued education, and open-mindedness are crucial for long-term success in business. She's dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in growing their businesses beyond their local area and into the international market. Get ready to be inspired by this amazing

This is Dr. Cassandra Bradford's story:

With a hunger for knowledge and an unwavering determination, Dr. Cassandra Bradford embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, leaving behind a successful career in the corporate world. She knew that in order to succeed in her new venture, she needed to invest the same time and effort into her own business as she had done for her previous employer. Keen to learn and expand her horizons, Dr. Bradford immersed herself in various fields of business, such as artificial intelligence, technology, and government contracts. Along the way, she discovered the power of a strong, open-minded support network that pushed her to think bigger and bolder. This new, growth-oriented mindset ultimately became a driving force behind her success, proving that education, determination, and the right company can

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover valuable insights from The Run Conference for taking small businesses to the global stage
  • Grasp the significance of attending in-person events to boost your business networking and growth opportunities
  • Unlock expert tips on navigating government contracting and minority business certification with ease
  • Cultivate a winning combination of mindset, education, and open-mindedness to propel your business to success
  • Uncover effective strategies for pastors to achieve financial wellbeing and expand their ministry

Revisit Your Vision

Sometimes, entrepreneurs may lose sight of their original vision as they navigate the challenges and obstacles that come with running a business. Reconnecting with one's purpose and passion can reignite the necessary motivation to overcome hurdles and continue moving forward. In the conversation, Dr. Bradford encouraged entrepreneurs to get excited about their businesses again by revisiting their visions and asking for creative ideas. She also advised that staying motivated and excited about one's business is crucial to its success. LaQuita Monley concurred with Dr. Bradford, further stressing the importance of staying motivated and rekindling one's passion for ensuring the sustainability and growth of a venture.

Changing Business Mindset for Government Contracting

Securing government contracts can open new opportunities for growth and expansion for entrepreneurs. However, navigating the government contracting process can be confusing and complex. To succeed in this area, entrepreneurs must first adopt the right mindset, undertake thorough research, and be open to opportunities, regardless of their sector. During the podcast, Dr. Bradford and LaQuita Monley highlighted the importance of having the right mindset and being open to opportunities when it comes to government contracting. They also emphasized the value of education, ongoing learning, and adapting in order to secure lucrative government contracts. Both agreed that being certified as a minority, woman, or veteran-owned business can pave the way for securing contracts but stressed the need to combine certification with the right mindset for successful government contracting.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a fundamental goal for many entrepreneurs. Achieving this state enables individuals to live life on their terms, free from financial constraints and worries. To attain financial freedom, entrepreneurs must develop a strategic approach that maximizes profits, minimizes expenses, and consistently invests for growth. Dr. Bradford spoke about the "shoebox billionaire" concept, introduced by Tracy Wide, a speaker at the Run Conference. This approach involves saving money that is usually spent on luxury items and investing it instead. In the podcast, Dr. Bradford emphasized the importance of attendees understanding the value of saving money, and how much they can accumulate in a short period. She also highlighted the potential role of the Black Dollar theory in achieving financial freedom by creating products and services the market needs.

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