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Episode 15

Pioneering Growth for Military Creators featuring Andrew Appleton

Are you a military spouse looking to build your own business?

Have you been told any of these common myths about the importance of community building and networking for military entrepreneurs?

Myth #1: You don't need to network because your business is unique to the military community.

Myth #2: Building a community takes too much time away from your business.

Myth #3: Networking is only important for sales and marketing, not for overall business growth.

Don't let these myths hold you back from success. Stay tuned as Andrew Appleton shares the truth about community building and networking for military entrepreneurs.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Grasp the value of forging strong communities and networking in military entrepreneurship.
  • Apply your unique life experiences and know-how to shape a distinctive brand.
  • Comprehend how audience analytics can elevate your content creation game.
  • Harness the power of cutting-edge technology for facilitating the content production process.
  • Advocate for the backing of veterans and their families in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

My special guest is Andrew Appleton

Meet Andrew Appleton, a veteran Marine Corps officer turned entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of With a lifelong passion for entrepreneurship, Andrew has been creating and trying new things since his early days selling greeting cards and running a paper route. A devoted believer, he credits God for guiding him through life's challenges and giving him opportunities and blessings. Andrew's mission is to support and amplify the voices of others, particularly within the military community. With a network of 75 creators and a combined reach of 5.8 million followers and subscribers, Parade Deck is a testament to the power of community-building and networking for military entrepreneurs.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Join the Parade Deck community to connect with other creators and amplify your voice.
  • Visit Parade Deck's list of top military podcasts for inspiration and networking opportunities.
  • Support military-owned and operated businesses, like Covenant Press and Parade Deck, to help keep the economy thriving.
  • Take advantage of the resources and support available to military service members and their spouses who want to pursue entrepreneurship or content creation.

Power of Network

Building a strong network is crucial for entrepreneurs, especially for military spouses who often face unique challenges in building and growing their businesses. Networking not only facilitates connections with like-minded individuals, but it also allows entrepreneurs to tap into resources and opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach. By forging strong connections, military spouses can harness the power of networks and leverage them to drive their business success. In the conversation with Andrew Appleton, the significance of networking became apparent as he emphasized the importance of creating opportunities through connections. He shared his experiences as a content creator in the military community and highlighted how networking has benefited his business ventures. Appleton's insights underscored the value of fostering relationships within the military entrepreneurship community.

Military and Entrepreneurship

Military service should not be an obstacle to pursuing entrepreneurial dreams. In fact, many skills and experiences acquired during military service can be invaluable in the world of entrepreneurship. Military spouses and dependents are well-equipped with a unique skill set, including adaptability, resilience, and the ability to overcome challenges, which positions them for success in business ventures. LaQuita Monley and Andrew Appleton discussed the intersection of military service and entrepreneurship, agreeing that being part of the military offers an advantage for aspiring business owners. Appleton shared his own experience as a Navy veteran, emphasizing the importance of seeking guidance and being open to growth. Their conversation showcased how military service can lend strength to entrepreneurial pursuits.

Importance of Analytics for Podcasts

Understanding audience analytics is essential for podcasters to fine-tune their content strategy and increase reach and engagement. By analyzing listener demographics, preferences, and behavior, podcast hosts can tailor their content to best meet the needs and expectations of their target audience. During his discussion with LaQuita Monley, Andrew Appleton emphasized the significance of paying attention to audience analytics in content creation, sharing an example of his company adjusting their approach to cater to an older demographic. He stressed the importance of utilizing this information constructively to create more appealing, informative, and educational content that resonates with the audience.

Plan to Appeal to Younger Audiences

As podcasters navigate the content creation landscape, it is crucial to continually adapt and grow by considering new approaches and techniques to engage different demographics, particularly younger audiences. Strategically refining content to cater to a diverse listener base can amplify reach, expand the community and increase overall podcast success. Andrew Appleton shared his plans for utilizing AI technology in content creation to more effectively engage with both younger and older audiences. His passion and excitement for the future of content creation were evident, illustrating the importance of staying receptive to change, experimentation, and growth in the ever-evolving podcast landscape.

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