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Episode 10

Unlocking Your True Potential with Shinia Lambert Esq.

Unlocking Your True Potential with Shinia Lambert Esq.

As La'Quita and Shinia talk about how La'Quita has navigated her own journey in life, she made a surprising realization that challenged her conventional views on success.

Her story of self-discovery, vulnerability and embracing change inspires others to redefine their own definition of success and pursue their dreams with authenticity and purpose.

Good is only good until greater is envisioned.

My special guest is Shinia Lambert Esq.

Shinia Lambert Esq., a multi-talented and highly accomplished professional, joins LaQuita Monley on this episode to share her insights on redefining success. As a licensed attorney and co-partner of Jackson, Todd and Lambert Plc, Shinia specializes in assisting small businesses, churches, and nonprofits in Central Texas.

In addition to her legal career, she is a dedicated mother, a best-selling author, and host of the Christian Growth Mindset podcast, Rooted Real People, Real Issues for Growth. Shinia's passion for personal and professional growth, combined with her real-life experiences, offers a fresh perspective on achieving success in today's fast-paced world.

This is La'Quita's story:

La'Quita discovered the importance of redefining success while navigating her own journey in life. She realized that outside circumstances and societal pressures often shaped her perceptions and beliefs of what success should look like.

La'Quita's epiphany came during a triggering event in her life when she recognized the need to build her identity on her own terms and not be defined by others' views. This self-discovery led her to a deeper understanding of the need for a growth mindset and the ability to embrace change. Through her vulnerability and transparency, Shinia has inspired others to challenge their own definitions of success and pursue their dreams with authenticity and purpose.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover a fresh perspective on what it means to be successful.
  • Embrace a mindset that fosters consistent improvement and adaptability.
  • Uncover your true identity through your connection with Christ.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Purchase LaQuita Monley's book Redefining Success: Eight Tools that I've Used to Develop a Growth Mindset on Amazon:

  • Listen to Shinia Lambert's podcast Rooted Real People, Real Issues for Growth, with new episodes every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. Central Standard Time:

  • Reflect on the three questions posed in the first chapter of Redefining Success to better understand your identity and purpose.

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